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Movie Review: "Green Lantern"

As if to disprove the fact that I enjoy every super-hero movie made recently, there is Green Lantern.

This movie should not have disappointed me, because my first reaction to learning of it being filmed was to cringe.

However, after all the other surprisingly good super-hero movies recently, I dared to dream, and so raised my hopes and expectations... and had them choked out by large green hands.

It wasn’t that the movie was bad, it was just so “meh”. The love story (if you can call it that) and the climactic last battle, really were yawners. Not to mention the surprise during the credits, which made no sense when compared to what was actually shown in the movie (but for those of you like me who've read the comics, would have expected to happen at some point, but certainly not in this movie). In short, I rate this a “Too Lazy to Change the Channel” movie.

QBF Rating: 2.5/5.0


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