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Showing posts from August 8, 2010

Epic Fail

Well, I just had a wonderful experience with (run by the credit bureau Experian), and by wonderful I mean I was scammed.

They claim to give you access to your credit score for a free trial. They then tell you that you can check all 3 of the credit bureaus' scores for free once a year. However, they fail to sufficiently notify you of the fact that THEY CHARGE YOU to view all 3 reports! Thieving bastards!

My suggestion: Don't use them. Ever. You can get your reports (all of them) for free from the US Government at AnnualCreditReport. Alternatively, you can also get information mailed to you by checking out the FTC's website. - QBF

PS: Cheating bastards!

Epic Win

After the poor reviews that his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame speech received, I was extremely hesitant to watch it. What a mistake! I loved the honesty and frankness that you never get from celebrities -- especially in speeches.

It's split into 3 parts below, so sit back, watch, and enjoy. - QBF

PS: Now I can't wait to hear his introduction of Scottie Pippen in the 2010 Half of Fame class!

NSFW Monday!

Today's episode star's video-ho/model Esther Baxter in a photo shoot for VIBE magazine. I don't know why she was playing with motor oil, but I really don't care. Enjoy! - QBF

Sunday Strips!

Some people will do anything for a little attention, but as with all things in life: Timing is everything. - QBF