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Showing posts from October 10, 2010

Freaky Friday!

"No Explanation Needed" - QBF

Emails from Beyond?

OK so this fourth email from my friend's account has no eerie coincidences in the words, so I've officially decided that there's no need for me to fear permanently blocking it.

"hey man, I know how rough it's been for everyone with the economy. I was let go from my job a year ago myself. I ended up staritng my own business. It's hard to explain but I found a local news article that can put it in better words. You should really check it out and make 100 a day like me.. Check the article out here anyways, bye for now.. eblytiq"

Yep, case closed. Kevin I hope you're in a better place. - QBF

Sunday Strips!

When nothing nah gwan fi you like this, you salt bad bad bad! - QBF

(Jamaican Patois-English Translation: When nothing good is happening for you, you have terrible luck.)