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Showing posts from August 2, 2009

Things You Oughta Know!

Now these ads for Goldstar beer properly illustrate the difference in thought processes of men and women. You *might* even say it highlights the deficiency (and over-complexity) of the female brain for very simple tasks -- but I would never say that in public because quite frankly I'd like to get some at least once more in my life...



(PS: Click each image to get a larger version.)

#1 - Illustration of a Guy inviting a Girl out for a Drink.

#2 - Now they're each planning to use the Bathroom.

#3 - Now they're hoping to end with a "Bang"... the "Bangs" CLEARLY differ!

NSFW Monday

I've been saving this image for a special occasion, and I finally couldn't wait anymore. It says sexy on it, and I dare you to disagree!


(PS: You'd be wise to click on the image to see an even larger version of it. I'm just saying...)

Sunday Strips

Workouts get the blood... pumping...


Episode 3: Gymnastics