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Freaky Friday

No Caption Needed. - QBF

Puffy Is Poison!

Last night one of my friends recommended these videos by Maronzio Vance ripping Puff Daddy, and so far the 3 of them have me cracking up! - QBF

NSFW Monday!

Now of course I got to keep my regular NSFW streak intact! Here's Jazzie Belle, another bootylicious model. - QBF

NSFW Monday! - Treat for the Ladies Edition

Okay, so one of my readers (you know who you are) keeps telling me that all I have on my site are naked women (which isn't true by the way -- but I got the point), so here's my attempt to appease the lady's appetite for attractive men.

I'm going to try and hook-up the ladies once a month if they respond favourably to this new series, which starts off with one of my favourite actors: Brad Pitt. - QBF

Sunday Strips!

A plan so simple, it was brilliant! Or... maybe not... - QBF

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

It's just not Christmas morning until I hear this EPIC Christmas funny radio story (by Frank Kelly apparently).

Stay safe, and enjoy the holidays! - QBF

PS: Bonus goodies from those blokes at FHM! (It is Christmas after all.)

(More after the jump.)

Site Update News!

So 2010 is rapidly approaching its expiration date, and that also means an end to the "Noughties" (aka: the first decade in this millennium).

In regards to site tweaking, I have adjusted the site to a more basic and clean look (until I find an even better design), and have learned all about traffic tracking, and the magic trick known as the "jump break"...

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 1

Day 12! The last day!

The Last replacement Girlfriend!

Finish shopping and wrapping those gifts for tomorrow! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 2

Day 11, just one more day for #1! - QBF

WikiLeaks: Jamaican Edition

So the WikiLeaks global scandal has touched Jamaica in case you didn't know. Here are some of the highlights (lowlights?) that came out which involved drug-smuggling, and the PM's wife somehow got mentioned:

US embassy cables: Cuba frustrated by Jamaica's lack of action over international drugs trade
A prevailing concern and significant frustration on the Cuban side is the reportedly complete lack of cooperation afforded them by the GOJ when it comes to CD information sharing. DIS has spoken to no fewer than 15 Cuban MININT officers whose primary missions/roles are drug interdiction or support to drug interdiction. Collectively and continually, they express frustration over the GOJ's consistent ignoring of Cuban attempts to increase the flow of drug-related information between the two island nations to increase interdictions and avoid "being surprised by drugs."

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 3

Day 10! - QBF


I finally made it! Woo-Hoo!

Hopefully you, my readers, have enjoyed this journey as much as I, and will continue to peruse my blog in the upcoming new year.

Checkout this music video for  the EPIC movie 300 below.

PS: Don't forget to mention this site to your friends, share my links, add me to your RSS reader, follow me, LEAVE COMMENTS, or just click the little feedback buttons. - QBF :-D

PPS: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and may you and yours have a happy and prosperous New Year!

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 4

Day 9! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 5

Day 8! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 6

Day 7! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 7

Day 6! - QBF

Sunday Strips!

This is why you should always be optimistic! HAHAHAHAHA - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 8

Day 5! - QBF

Freaky Friday!

"No Caption Needed." - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - # 9

Day 4! - QBF

Playboy's Tribute to Tron

Playboy created an awesome tribute to the cult sci-fi movie classic TRON in anticipation of the (very late) sequel TRON: Legacy, and I won't lie it has whet my appetite.

Check out the video below, and then checkout the photo-shoot (and download the awesome wallpaper) here. - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - #10

Day 3! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - #11

Day 2! - QBF

FHM's 12 Girlfriends of Christmas - #12

Those wonderful blokes at FHM created a lovely series for the holidays, that I've decided to share with you, seeing as we're in this season of giving. Enjoy Girlfriend #12 below, check back each day for the next update, and Merry Christmas when it comes! - QBF

NSFW Monday!

Sorry for the late post! Hopefully this model/video-vixen by the name of Summer Walker will make it up to my very patient and understanding fans. ;-) - QBF

Sunday Strips!

Pioneers are always mocked at first... - QBF

Freaky Friday!

"No Caption Needed." - QBF