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Showing posts from May 17, 2009

Wednesday Word of the Week

This is the last word mash-up folks! I hope it was an enjoyable trip. Now I gotta find some new idleness to entertain you with each Wednesday...


Guesstimate : this somewhere between a guess and an estimate. It is also know as "pulling something out of your ass".

Hype in Computer Technology

Okay, so I just completed my week-long experiment of using Google's Chrome browser as my default web browser... after 8 hours!! I know it's supposed to be faster (never noticed), but you know what it is? All freaking hype.

The interface isn't as nice as Firefox. I never realised there were soooo many ads on the internet -- due to my judicious use of the AdBlock Plus extension in Firefox. Which reminds me, where are the extensions!?

No full screen mode!

How the heck do you add RSS feeds?

It reminds me of all the people *claiming* that the Mac OS is the best, most loveable, user-friendly operating system. Hell No! I'm actually using Windows Vista the last two weeks and prefer it to Mac OS.

Maybe I'm the weird one.

Maybe Chrome is better than sliced bread served by a naked Halle Berry...

But I have my doubts.


Monday Motivation

It is most important to know what you want in life...