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Showing posts from April 3, 2011

Freaky Friday

Talk about making use of your surroundings to blend in! - QBF

You Oughta Know: Trinidad is Hilarious! #2

Okay so the good natured ribbing of my second most favourite Caribbean island continues, as I highlight for you gems from the Tourism Development Company's approved literature for tourists.

Throwback Tuesday (Bonus)

For no particular reason this song popped into my head as I was packing my luggage... Will Smith's "Miami". - QBF

Throwback Tuesday

Another major hit from the first year of my love affair with soca music and carnival was the Alison Hinds & Square One tune "Togetherness". It's got almost everything you need to construct the perfect soca song: a positive message, catchy beat, high tempo, and perfect rag-waving lyrics! - QBF

NSFW Monday

And now for the fellas!!

April Showers brings back the very lovely Marisa Elise! You all know how this works, so check the photos below for more enjoyment. - QBF

NSFW Monday - Treat for the Ladies

Spring has sprung, so it's only fair that I get you ladies sprung this month with Mr. Shemar Moore! He's a model and actor, and has been known to leave women drooling -- so I'm sure you'll enjoy all the photos below. - QBF

Sunday Strips

This girl puts on a show that could raise the dead, and other things... - QBF