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Showing posts from March 1, 2009

Freaky Friday!

These are some ads from the 1930s. Seriously real ads from that time. As we look back on them now however, there are some obvious jokes to be had!

Now this ad is straight up gangster, and soooo true!

I think this sounds like a line from a Porno actually...

Can you believe taking TAPE WORMS to stay slim!?

Santa selling cigarettes! And they say marketing nowadays has lost its morals...

This one is hilarious! No stinky parts!!

Lard? Seriously? Lard?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. The undertones are off the chart!

Ah yes, perhaps they were referring to Dr. Kevorkian?

I can only hope beer cans were so hard, I mean easy to open. I'd save money!


NSFW Monday

Here's some lovely body painting from the folks at S.I. (Sports Illustrated), starring Brooklyn Decker. I must admit it is one of the nicest maps depicting the Caribbean I've ever seen! ;-)