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Showing posts from January 29, 2012

NSFW Monday

This is a case of good news/bad news.

Good News: More Vida! :-D

Bad News: No more Vida for a while guys. :-(

Don't worry though -- absence makes the heart grow fonder! - QBF

Site Update!

The Quick Brown Fox jumped over another milestone today... post # 555!!!

Hope you all stick around for the next 555 -- I'll try and make it worth your while!! - QBF

Movie Review: "Trouble the Water"

I was hesitant to watch "Trouble the Water" since I'd heard so many terrible stories of the suffering during and after Hurricane Katrina.

This documentary however showed more than the tragedy, it also showed the positive things that people did to help each other.

Sunday Strips

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Father escaped by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin! - QBF