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Showing posts from January 30, 2011

Freaky Friday

You know I always wondered about the utility of such costume designs, and this was the best explanation I could come up with as well! - QBF

You Oughta Know: Pangrams Can Be Fun

Well since you're here, you should already know that pangrams can be fun, as that's what this site strives to provide (fun from a pangram-named site). It just so happens that while doing a random search on Bing using my site's title (perhaps a touch narcissistic), I came across this post on Cool As Ten Bears that celebrated the phrase: "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog".

Throwback Tuesday

Since I went to my first carnival fete in Jamaica for 2011 over the weekend, I'm definitely in the mood for some good, classic soca. Now, the perfect choice would naturally be the song that got me hooked on soca music and carnival in the first place: "Faluma". This is one of Square One's biggest (if not the biggest) hits, and was sung by the lovely (and bootylicious) Alison Hinds.

NSFW Monday

Based on the great reaction to her first appearance two weeks ago, here is a video and a couple more photos of the luscious Tiara Harris to enjoy! - QBF

Sunday Strips

The main drivers for life are eating, sleeping, and sex... Although not necessarily in that order. - QBF