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Showing posts from July 18, 2010

New Design (again)!!

This is the second template re-design for 2010, but I think (obviously) that it makes the site look a lot snazziermore awesome! In celebration of this momentous occasion, feel free to:
leave some comments &/ suggestionsclick one or more of the cool reactions check-boxesnot feel compelled to click on the advertisements just because you enjoy my little labour of like -- I'm not in love with the site quite yet, I wanna see where this relationship is going ;-) . Enjoy the weekend! - QBF

Freaky Friday!

These are some great condom ads! They remind me for some reason of an old song by Buju Banton titled: "Willy (Don't Be Silly)" (which I've also added below).

Seeing as it's the start of weekend, it's probably a good reminder for all you guys and gals planning to get really freaky for the next 3 days &/ nights. - QBF

Hilarious Anti-AIDS commercial:

Buju Banton - Willy (Don't Be Silly):

You Oughta Know!

Everything you ever wanted to know about PORNOGRAPHY on the internet, but were too distracted by it to ask! (Please click image to enlarge and read.) - QBF

NSFW Monday!

This is in requiem of the DC Comics' famous character Wonder Woman's last costume. She has a much more reasonable (aka: not a swimsuit) outfit now, but can she still distract everyone within sight as before to maintain a competitive advantage in a fight? LOL

New Costume vs Old Costume:

And now, here's some Denise Milani action, where she's dressed like Wonder Woman. - QBF

PS: If you enjoy, hate, or are just passing through on my blog... Please leave comments! Thanks in advance.


Sunday Strips!

Be careful what you wish for! - QBF