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Freaky Friday

To all those looking to return a Christmas gadget that's not working right, please remember the following... - QBF

Movie Review: "The Mechanic" (2011)

Okay, so now I've watched the newest edition of "The Mechanic", and it's time to compare this remake versus the original to decide which is superior!

Two of the advantages the remake has are: better special effects, and Jason Statham's physical prowess.

However, early on we see that this version of 'Mr. Bishop' is not the cold-blooded, ultra-meticulous killer like Charles Bronson's was.

It seems they've (the writers? the studio big-wigs?) softened him up to make him more 'accessible' to the 'emo' audience of today, who require at least some redeeming quality in the protagonist.

Movie Review: "The Mechanic" (1972)

Before watching its remake, I decided to check out the original "The Mechanic", which starred the late, great action hero: Charles Bronson.

I figure any excuse to watch one of my childhood favourites is one I will take!

NSFW Monday

What better way to start off 2012, than with more Vida?

Yeah, I couldn't think of anything either! - QBF

Sunday Strips

Be careful of the new opportunities you exploit in 2012! - QBF

PS: Happy New Year!! :-D