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Showing posts from May 31, 2009

100 Meeeellion Dollars Being Given Away!!

Did that grab your attention? ;-)

Sorry for the prevarication, but I wanted a catchy headline to mark my 100th posting! Judging from my very very rocky start two years ago, I didn't think I'd reach so far with my site, so I'm a little proud of myself and patting myself on the back (ouch).

Hopefully, I'll be having commemorations for each of the following 100 blog milestones, and that they'll take less time for each -- I'm aiming for only 8 months for #200 to drop!

Hmm, I feel I should give you guys something else besides my ramblings to make sure you actually stick around for #101...

Aha! Enjoy this poem by the great Smokey Robinson AND one of my favourite songs (The Tracks of My Tears) that he recorded with The Temptations (it captures my spirit very well I think), but this time with a reggae flavour.

Monday Motivation

This one goes out to all the Cavaliers/Le-Brawn fans who just got an overdose of Magic!