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Showing posts from August 22, 2010

Freaky Friday!


For your viewing pleasure this week, I have found three amazing videos of some very low-tech construction practices. - QBF

EPIC Brick-Carrying w/o Wheelbarrow:

EPIC Cement Bucket Brigade:

EPIC Dirt Shoveling:

#251 -- Woo-Hoo!!!

Hey I just realised that Monday was my 250th post to this site!! I didn't reach here as fast as I'd initially prognosticated way back in May of last year, but I made it damn it!! :-)

I need to add some music to commemorate this achievement somehow, but what... to... choose... another old school song definitely... Ah-ha I got it... Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph! - QBF

PS: Congrats to Miss Jamaica (Yendi Phillipps) placing second to Miss Mexico in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant. This was the highest placing for Jamaica in this particular beauty pageant... I'd be more excited if I didn't find pageants on a whole boring, and more than likely predetermined.

NSFW Monday!

Welcome one and all to the Angel Lola Luv show. That's clearly not her real name, but it's a lot easier to say! Anyways, this rapper, model, and actress is of Ethiopian and Trinidadian descent -- something which I quite approve! - QBF

PS: For those who've been wondering, "NSFW" means "Not Safe For Work". So if you are at work, be discrete! ;-)

Sunday Strips!

Do as I say not as I... ahhh forget it! - QBF