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For all those taking exams, take note... - QBF


Search back into your own vision -- think back to the mind that thinks. Who is it? -- Wu-Men

#MovieReview: "Batman vs. Robin"

DC Comics Animation continues their prolific work with Batman vs. Robin. This time they seem to have adapted the Court of Owls storyline, and since I never read those issues, this was all new to me!

Cast of Characters:

BatmanNightwing (the Original Robin, AKA: Robin v1.0)Robin v4.0 (Damian Wayne, AKA: Ras Al Ghul's Grandson)The Court of OwlsTalon


It's that time again for everyone's favourite PAWG: Elke the Stallion! - QBF


Growing old, not so gracefully... - QBF