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Showing posts from July 3, 2011

Freaky Friday

I wonder if one day, one of those "hidden camera" shows would be so adventurous, as to film an entire episode in Jamaica.

I think the results would be more hilarious than usual... - QBF

You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Today's episode on CD & DVD Programs is very short, and really should have been dealt with in the Multimedia Programs episode.

These programs will help you to rip music and video from CDs and DVDs, and to create your own.

Today in Spam

Big shout out to Jack mensah (his spelling), diplomat from the Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd., for wanting to aid sending my funds to me, but due to complications with the world bank, and me not actually having any money there -- there might be some delay in me receiving my wire. I understand.

Keep working hard Jack!

Throwback Tuesday

"...Nuff gyal and gyal inna bungle!" - Beenie Man

Sell off! - QBF

NSFW Monday

This is the penultimate edition of Vida Monday, so get her while she's hot! - QBF

Sunday Strips

Thinking outside the "box"! - QBF