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You Ougtha Know!

The greatest national anthem in the world belongs to Jamdown (Jamaica to all you foreigners). This is a "third-world" West Indian nation of many contrasts, and many different peoples. Our national creed is "Out of Many. One People." -- which encapsulates our melting pot of a culture. - QBF

PS: Our more informal slogan is: "Sweet Sweet Jamaica... Nah Lef' Yah!!"


Obama Kicks @$$ and Takes Names!

EPIC WIN: Obama goes to lunch with the GOP (aka: Republicanus) and has them for lunch instead! The truth hurts when it smack you in the face on national television! - QBF

Here's the link to the Daily Show recap.

PS: I did not misspell "republican".

PPS: I tried embedding the video, but it's not working properly... Another Republicanus plot no doubt...

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PPPS: The forces for good have triumphed!! :-)


Australian Open Recap: AKA Serena Williams is HOT

(Click to enlarge photos.)

I won't lie the main reason I watch female tennis is due to the attractive athletes competing, and luckily the one I find most attractive happens to be the best player as well -- Serena Williams! What luck! Evidence of her hotness can be clearly seen below:

And she just dominated the Australian Open (again), winning the singles and doubles titles...

But my most memorable tournament for Serena has to be the 2002 US Open where every straight man in Jamaica watched tennis every day she played. Why do you ask? Because it was the year of the BLACK CATSUIT! *drool* ;-)

And my favourite Serena Williams shot! - QBF


NSFW Monday!

Part 6 of the "Body-Painted Football Babes Bonanza" has a representative from the North African country of Tunisia. This is going to be the last in the series until we get nearer to World Cup 2010 in South Africa, so enjoy! - QBF


Sunday Strips!

Now this was a great convention to attend! - QBF

(Click to enlarge.)