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Movie Review: "The Dark Knight Rises"


I saw The Dark Knight Rises this week, and it exceeded all my expectations by doing the impossible (in my eyes).

It obliterated The Avengers, my previous favourite comic book movie of all time, which only managed to hold its position for a mere two months.

It managed to surpass The Dark Knight, with the hard to over-hype performance by the late Heath Ledger.

This finale makes the Batman trilogy the second epic trilogy I've experienced (the other being The Lord of the Rings).

Freaky Friday

This dude made a very poor decision when he decided to kick this kid... I wonder how many nano-seconds it took for him to realise his mistake?

Or maybe he realised much later on when he woke up! LOL - QBF

NSFW Monday

Late, but it's still Monday b!tche$, so enjoy Miss Maliah Michel!! - QBF

Sunday Strips

No long talking. - QBF