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Showing posts from August 31, 2014

Movie Review: "Lucy"

So Luc Besson has filmed another female action movie, this time with Scarlett Johansson (fresh off her continuing role as the Black Widow).

In this sci-fi shoot-em-up, Scarlett plays Lucy, who is about to unlock all the abilities of the human brain.

Morgan Freeman is in it as well, but he mostly plays the role of a narrator for the proceedings.

Freaky Friday

300-style? - QBF

Throwback Thursday

For today's Throwback Thursday, I'm highlighting the only Miss Jamaica that I've kissed (yet).

Granted, I was about 7 years old, and it was on the cheek... but it still counts dammit!!

I give you, the very beautiful, Miss Jamaica World 1983 -- Cathi Levy!

Zensday/Zen Vocabulary

Hara: belly or gut, which is a person's spiritual center.

Joke: "The Toast"

John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife!"

That won him the top prize for the best toast of the night!

He went home and told his wife, Mary, "I won the prize for the best toast of the night."

She said, "Aye, what was your toast?"

NSFW Monday

September is here!

So, we're kicking off the new month with the magnificent Maliah Michel! - QBF

Sunday Strips

*Drops mic* - QBF

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