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Trick... or Treat?

Happy Halloween! (or All Hallow's Eve to be more proper ancient.)

Yes it is that time of ghosts and goblins, kids (and adults) dressed up in costumes, the begging for treats (yes adults want a different sort of "candy" though), and the "tricking" of those who don't let off some sweet, sweet candy.

There is some discussion on the exact origin of Halloween, the History Channel has a lovely website dedicated to it here, and of course the Alexandria's Library of our time (Wikipedia) has it's own page here.

But enough of that whole learning thing, on with the entertainment! Namely, the late, great Michael Jackson's blockbuster of a music video: "Thriller".

Anyways, now get out and have some fun you guys! (I already attended my Halloween costume party on the 29th -- so you should do the same.) - QBF


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