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Showing posts from May 15, 2011

Freaky Friday

In these harsh economic times, with commodities traders artificially inflating the price of oil due to "instability in the Middle East" (has it ever been stable?), and thus increasing the price of gasoline at the pump... It begs the question, "What would you do for some gas money?" - QBF

You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Today's the start of a series of possibly geeky, but really useful episodes. I'm going to be showing you some FREE programs which you probably never heard of, to make your Microsoft Windows experience that much better.

Throwback Tuesday

Throwback time again, but for the first time with a country twist. Kenny Roger's immortal classic "The Gambler"!

If you can find a more poignant country song, bring it! - QBF

NSFW Monday

Back with that hot, flexible body, and amazing booty is Rosa Acosta. The girl is hot no doubt. - QBF

Sunday Strips

How mature are you? (Fourth in a 4-part series.) 

Hopefully you all have learned very important lessons in true maturity by now! - QBF :-)