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This pic is missing something... - QBF


And do not change. Do not divert your love from visible things. But go on loving what is good, simple and ordinary; animals and things and flowers, and keep the balance true.
-- Rilke

#MovieReview: "The Purge: Election Year"

So I missed the second Purge movie, and decided in the wake of Donald Trump's seemingly inevitable rise to power in 2016 -- and already having a grasp of how the Hunger Games work -- I should get a refresher on how he might rule the USA Purge-style.

Hence my trip to the cinema to watch The Purge: Election Year.

Starring Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, and Betty Gabriel, this might be the most diverse cast outside of a Fast & Furious episode!


Sometimes you're the only one willing to put in the work, and that's okay. - QBF


Worst. Detective. Ever! - QBF