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Showing posts from March 20, 2011

Freaky Friday

OK, we're taking a break from the humour today to drop some essential weird how-to skills on you -- with not one, not two, but three instructional videos.

Check them out and amaze your friends later! - QBF

You Oughta Know: Trinidad is Hilarious! #1

Okay, now I haven't been active on the site for a while due to my trip to Trinidad for their awesome awesome AWESOME carnival. Now I'm back on the grind, and I brought back many (unintentionally) humourous facts regarding that lovely twin island republic.

This is going to be an ongoing series as I go through the literature I received as a tourist, and even though I poke fun of them, I love me some Trinis!

Now on with the show:

Throwback Tuesday

I'm sure the rest of the world was as shocked as I was to see a white Canadian -- Snow -- sounding quite Jamaican, and dropping this awesome hit in 1992...

Sunday Strips

Sorry for the long break, but blame it on Trinidad Carnival 2011!!

Anyways, here's your humour fix to start/end your week properly (depending on your point of view). - QBF