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Can't. Touch. This. - QBF


Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot? -- The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

#MovieReview: "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation"

So after making a solemn vow to Xenu, Zebu?, Xena Warrior Princess? -- whatever -- to never again provide financial support to any of their cultists (see my post here), I was inveigled to watch Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.

This can't be good for my thetans...

Starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Sean Harris, and Alec Baldwin, our protagonist seeks to find and stop "The Syndicate" before they do any more bad things.

Stop terrorism!


We're halfway through the Bikini & Lingerie Babes Monday-Blues-Remover (Part 3 of 6)!! - QBF


Anything that stays too long, serves two masters. - QBF