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You Oughta Know!

I've considered long and hard whether to post on this topic, but I think it's worth our time to examine it. The case subject is Jessica Biel, but it could be any past, present, or future pop-starlet. Now I won't tell you (yet) the age of her in the photos below, but suffice to say, she'd still be studying in high-school!

 I find it interesting how (particularly in North America) so-called under-aged women are marketed as sex-objects -- but somehow (magically) anyone 18 years and older is expected not to want to jump them! This is about as likely as ice being found on the sun, and is remarkably sillyin my opinion.

If a woman is sexy, she is SEXY. As in: you want to have sex with her when you see her. That's what it means! Women mature physically faster than men -- hell I've seen 13-year-old ladies that put supermodels to shame -- so I don't feel in the least bit bad looking/leering/lusting at the sexy ones. Just make sure and check their IDs before taking them…

NSFW Monday!

Today's post is of Sayeeda Blue, to cleanse our palates from all the World Cup action we've had over the past 4 weeks. Actually, now that I've looked at these photos, I don't recall what the World Cup is...

Enjoy! - QBF

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Stream of Consiousness

This is my last post regarding World Cup 2010 in South Africa. I experienced the highest highs, and the lowest lows in watching this month-long tournament. I challenge you to find any other event on this planet that is guaranteed to make you feel something -- good and bad!

This has been a World Cup of many firsts, again good and bad:
First held in Africa.First to have 5 South American squads in  the second round.First where the Netherlands and Spain didn't spectacularly implode (even if they got a little help).First where I questioned the financial dealings/sanity/stupidity of soooo many referees.First where either the Netherlands or Spain will win the cup!I'm still in shock that Brazil was robbed lost to the Dutch squad, but I know that they also didn't play their best game that day, and that the better team loses sometimes. "The ball is round."

Anyways, before the kick-off of the finals, feast your eyes on these Spanish beauties below, and long live the beautifu…

Sunday Strips!

This man is a SUPERSTAR!!! - QBF

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