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Showing posts from July 17, 2011

Freaky Friday

It's always good to have other options! - QBF

You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Okay so I skipped another week, so let's just get right into the Maintenance Programs I promised you guys.

This stuff is good for defragging your hard drive (optimizing the placement of files so it runs faster), deleting junk files to free up space (so you can fit more of you stuff on it), registry fixing (so it will run better), help you backup your files (so you don't lose them), and also help recover the ones you lost.

Throwback Tuesday

2 Live Crew's immortal classic (and love song): Me So Horny! - QBF  ;-)

NSFW Monday

The fourth (and last) last of the Vida Guerra occupation episodes is here, but feel free to check out Parts 1 - 3 (and others) to ease your pain fellas! - QBF

NSFW Monday - Treat for the Ladies

July's treat for the ladies is one of my favourite actors (who's not really that good actually, but he seems nice enough): Matthew McConaughey. - QBF

PS: I've read (and noticed) that his arms are shorter than usual... which doesn't make him any less rich or successful, but I suppose probably hampers his basketball skills somewhat. Or maybe he can only fondle so many supermodels at a time.

Sunday Strips

"Myth versus Reality" time! (It's awesomely funny because it's true.) - QBF