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Zen Vocabulary

Tao: the Way; the source of reality; the truth; the ultimate principle.

Freaky Friday

Here comes the BOOM. - QBF

Zen Vocabulary

Nirvana: the goal of Buddhism; freedom from karma; extinction of all craving; the realization of the true nature of the mind.

Zensday/Zen Vocabulary

Karma: the Buddhist universal law of cause and effect.

Zen Vocabulary

Dharma: cosmic law, secular law; the teaching of the Buddha; the Way; the general state of affairs. A central concept of Buddhism.

NSFW Monday

Even though most Jamaicans are recovering from the holiday weekend (Carnival Again!!), I'm still going to give you your Monday morning dose of Angel Lola Luv! - QBF

Sunday Strips

Farm Life. - QBF

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