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You Oughta Know: Young Jamaican Poet

There's a young lady I know by the name of Kerry-Ann Johnson who writes some beautiful poetry and shares it with the world at her site: La Voce Poetry

She's been writing for years and sharing them with her close personal friends (and the ones on her Facebook profile to boot), but she's ready to share with just about anyone now. - QBF

Here's a short excerpt (and link) to one of her most recent works:

Who Knows...
Of the hands we have held, how many have we felt?
Of the smiles we have shared, how many really cared?
Of the hearts we have touched, how many were loved?
Constantly looking but too blind to see
The fading photograph, the shade of a family tree
Hearing the static sounds of each day
Seldom listening to the meaning of the words they say
Footprints are quickly lost to the rising tides
Echoes of laughter slowly disappear with the miles
And the road we have travelled
And the memories we have sewed
Where, with no place else to go, should we call home?

PS: Remember to read the whole poem, click the link.


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