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Site Update: Movie Reviews

So I've decided to really bring back start a feature I used to do on my old Windows Live Blog back in the day: Movie Reviews! *cue fan-fare*

Nothing too dramatic, and they should be for the most part spoiler-free, so fear not checking them out before hitting the cinema, renting, or *cough cough* acquiring them by other means.

I will give you a numerical rating at the end of each review ranging from “0.0” (avoid at all costs, hunt down all parties involved in its creation, and exterminate with extreme prejudice), to “5.0” (this is manna from Heaven – watch it repeatedly).

Also there will be a more generic rating such as “rent”, “avoid”, or “cinema-worthy” for example.

I hope you find the new feature useful! - QBF

PS: I’m closing in on post # 500!! :-)


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