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Movie Review: "The Thing" (2011)

So they remade one of the movies from my childhood in the Eighties, “The Thing”. Apparently it was more of a cult classic than a box-office success back then, but what mattered to me is that it was a scary movie – and I was too chicken to watch it! Fast-forward 20-odd years, and there I am, braver and ready to face my fears.

My over-all rating of the movie is that it it is “cinema-worthy”; you don't have to wait to rent/stream/HBO it. It's an enjoyable story, with believable characters, and nice cinematography. I particularly loved the change in the characters once the (understandable) paranoia over who was an alien started to kick in!

QBF Rating: 3.5/5.0

PS: The original poster and trailer added below as a bonus!


  1. Did you watch it? I did! It was something, they did not hold back on the graphics at all!


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