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Privacy Is Dead

Exhibit A: Facebook

Exhibit B: GPS Tagging &/ Tracking

Exhibit C: Most people don't think twice before using such services now. In fact, you're the odd one if you don't over-share about your life it seems. (Explain to me why isn't Twitter dead yet?)

Personally I have rebelled against this new system. I barely use Facebook after being an admitted addict to it, 99% of the time I am there to share photo albums (and with muuuuuch less persons than before). I've found myself gravitating into the arms of Google+, but there is the trepidation that they will morph into another Facebook --- and how do I get more of my important (real) friends unto that platform? GPS is used rather infrequently, and mainly as a tool to track my running performances.

I've found it most unnerving when complete strangers can introduce me to other strangers, due to seeing me in my friends' photos on the infamous Facebook. So what does it all mean? Are we headed to a society where everyone will be a mini-celebrity in their own circles. (Shareageddon?) Will we become slaves to the corporations and governments who have access to ever more detailed knowledge about us?

One thing is for sure, the revolution will not be televised.

Rather, it will be shared, tweeted, re-tweeted, and liked. - QBF


  1. Aaaand cnet has a story on how your smartphone can spy on you:

  2. I agree with you on this i was out and a random person who is friends on facebook with QBF says Hi you Donamar nice to meet you and I was like ahhhh ok... I have never seen ( on facebook or anywhere else) or heard of this person. WEIRD!!!


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