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Movie Review: "Resident Evil: Retribution"

The real mystery behind the Umbrella Corporation: "How can the Resident Evil franchise never die!?"

Clearly zombie franchises are just as hard to kill as their subject matter!

Resident Evil: Retribution is the FIFTH instalment in this series, which has given us Resident Evil (duh), then Resident Evil: Apocalypse (which would hint at the end of the world, if not the franchise at least), which begat Resident Evil: Extinction (surely the end with a name like that no?)...

Then they got trickier with the naming convention, as they brought this franchise back from the dead with Resident Evil: Afterlife.

So how was it? Well Milla Jovovich is still sexy... But I left the theatre in a stupor from what I had experienced. I'm sure they saved a lot of money by not hiring a writer for this one.

The basic experience was akin to watching someone play a videogame. Except videogames generally have a little more plot -- buuuut with the same wooden acting.

QBF Rating: 1.5/5


  1. this time I will be the one waiting on a 'dvd' release

  2. And I thought I'd chosen the lesser of two evils that night. Pun not intended.


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