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#MovieReview: "Warcraft"

So the most successful MMORPG has finally gotten it's own movie: Warcraft.

But it's technically not based on World of Warcraft, but on the RTS which spawned it all: Warcraft.

Now I only played Warcraft 2 for about two weeks (really addictive game), and never played WoW, but I knew those games included a rich back story and was willing to give any movie a chance.

Starring Ben Foster, Ben Schnetzer, Dominic Cooper (from Preacher!), Paula Patton, and Travis Fimmel (from Vikings!), can they spawn a movie franchise?

Yes they can!

For some reason this movie didn't make a lot of money (relatively) in the USA, but more than made up for that internationally, so we should see at least one sequel.

The story wasn't cookie-cutter fantasy, and seemed to have a lot of homages to the game.

WATCH IT, and marvel at how scary strong orcs are!!

QBF Rating: 3.5/5

PS: MMORPG - "Massively multiplayer online role-playing game"

PPS: RTS - "Real-time strategy"


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