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Movie Review: "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Yes, I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. It stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as the titular characters Anastasia Steele (LOL, seriously?) and Christian Grey.

This review is going to be as brief as its plot...

For a movie supposedly all about sex and bondage -- no it's not a love story -- this was pretty tame &/ boring.

I was literally counting the minutes until it ended.

When it ended the audience actually laughed. Not a good sign.

Not that the movie wasn't well crafted, but I wager there is only so much you can polish a turd of a script.

It was BORING but not the worst movie of all time, which is what I would have expected from Twilight fan-fiction.

Christian Grey's character seems better suited to a horror movie/thriller, where he would be the obsessive psycho-killer. Now THAT would've been a better movie!

QBF Rating: 2.0/5


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