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How Come?: ""

Welcome to the first episode of what I like to call: "How Come?".

Here I ask the deep, burning, philosophical (and sometimes very idle) questions going through my head.

So without further ado:

How Come when I transferred my info from Hotmail to Microsoft's new shiny Outlook webmail system, the only people who email me there are SPAMMERS?

I have not shared this new email address with anyone, only my Hotmail contacts would automatically get it.

Also, How Come it looks nicer than Hotmail did, but runs MUCH BUGGIER?

What's up with that Epic Fail Microsoft?

I tried to give you a fair chance, but the Gmail train rolls on... - QBF

PS: How Come Gmail is the only one of the big three webmail systems (shout out to Yahoo! Mail), to include an "archive" function? I haaaaaaaate seeing tons of messages in my folders! (Thank You Google.)


  1. Man i deleted my hotmail ages ago for the same reasons!

  2. Okay, finally removed my Hotmail alias from my Outlook account. Hopefully this will reduce my Spamopocalypse...

  3. Okay, update time!

    It seems ending the last vestiges of Hotmail freed me from the Spam! Yay!


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