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Movie Review: "Snow White and the Huntsman"

I'm not ashamed. I saw a bootleg copy of "Snow White and the Huntsman" last night... It is important to note that I did not pay for that copy, and expended no effort whatsoever in it arriving at my house.

Granted, I did put it in the DVD player, but that required negligible effort. Now on to the review!

SWatH is of course based on the fairy-tale of Snow White, and came out this year competing with "Mirror Mirror" (which starred Julia Roberts, and did worse at the box office -- possibly making that the "bad" version).

It stars Kristen Stewart (the master of a thousand faces one blank, semi-detached gaze), Chris Hemsworth (Thor!) and Charlize Theron (!).

Now if I were to nitpick this movie apart, it would take a LONG time, so let me just sum it up with: the plot needed some more development (or actual thought). Also, Kristen did not disappoint me by never changing expression throughout the film. She gets paid for that?

Best part of the film was CHARLIZE! Still beautiful, and had some great scenes, but she or Kristen shouldn't have been cast. The reason being that no one in their right mind could consider this Snow White to be "fairer" than the Evil Queen Ravenna!

In short, very SKIPPABLE movie.

QBF Rating: 2.0/5


  1. I saw this movie last night... i haven't had a chance to to review it yet, but I will. I was disappointed with it... there was just something missing. I agree with you about Kristen Stewart, I love her but she really has only one expression. It was basically bella dressed up as snow white. I think she is fairer than the queen though... The could have kept the queen, but maybe should have casted a better actress for snow white.

  2. Yeah, haven't seen it but assumed it would be skippable.


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