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MEGA Movie Review: "Abduction", "The Emperor's New Groove", "The Hunger Games" & "Fright Night (2011)"

And now for my second massive review! - QBF

Movie: Abduction


Verdict: I really didn't want to watch this. I was right. 1.5/5

Movie: The Emperor's New Groove


Verdict: Really funny movie. I would've watched it a lot sooner (like a decade earlier) had I known this! 3.5/5

Movie: The Hunger Games


Verdict: I thought this might be more garbage after it seemed over hyped like that Twilight trash. Thankfully this was so not the case, and I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging the story was. 4/5

Movie: Fright Night (2011)


Verdict: This was a respectable remake of the cult classic. 3/5


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