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Today in Spam

I can't believe this $#!t actually made it into my Yahoo! Mail inbox this morning... I normally get this junk in my worthless Hotmail account. However, it is HILARIOUS to read!

I don't care if you send this out to 4 million people, if someone actually exists who can fall for this scam, they deserve to lose more than their money.

 Thanks, but no thanks "Mr. Fabio Kneffel Bo"! - QBF

And now, your fresh helping of SPAM:

Good day.

It has come to our notice that your ATM card posted to your address has returned back to us do to a wrong delivery since on the 12th of November, 2011. We have deposited your ATM card under security coverage for safe keeping. We apologize for the delays and inconveniences; we sincerely hope that this time, your ATM card would be delivered to you safely. Kindly reconfirm the below details for immediate delivery of your ATM card credited with the sum of One Million-Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars $1,700,000.00 only to you.

1. Your Receivers Name:
2. Your Telephone Number:
3. Your Address:
4. Nationality:

Be inform that your ATM card is ready for delivery and the delivery fee, insurance fee, custom clearance fee and Non-Inspection fee has been paid but we were not allowed us to pay the security safe keeping fee because they did not know when you will be contacting them for the delivery. Now you have to pay only the security safe keeping fee of $120 dollars to the delivery agent for security clearance so that they would deliver your ATM card to you on-time. Your ATM card access PIN code is 8019; this ATM card can be access from any ATM Machine worldwide with limit access as mentioned below.

Withdrawal through a post office ATM, you may withdraw deposit with your ATM card through any ATM Machine within the maximum of NT$25,000 per withdrawal for total withdrawals in accumulation within a day. Whenever your ATM card is locked after you input three wrong passwords or you forget your password, please return to the issuing bank.

Interbank withdrawal, when you withdraw with your ATM card from other interbank ATM Machine, there will be NT$8 handling charge per withdrawal. The interbank withdrawal shall be subject to the maximum of NT$15,000 per withdrawal, and the maximum of NT$20,000 for total withdrawals in accumulation within a day.


Ms. Fabio Kneffel Bo.
Phone: +233 - 247630112


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