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Movie Review: "Seven Samurai"

Okay I finally watched Akira Kurosawa's epic classic "Shichinin no samurai", or in English: "Seven Samurai".

I'm amazed that such an old movie (released in 1954) stands up pretty well to the test of time, and actually lives up to the hype!

The cinematography is better that a lot of the swill that Hollywood churns out yearly...

This movie was so good that an American version of it, "The Magnificent Seven", was released as a western in 1960 -- and was also bad-ass by the way.

In conclusion, if you like good movies and don't mind reading subtitles (or speak Japanese), you should definitely WATCH it.

QBF Rating: 4.0/5.0

PS: Here are the poster and trailer for The Magnificent Seven.


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