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Movie Review: "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol"

Despite forswearing giving patronage (or even watching for free) any movie starring a Scientologist -- in particular Tom Cruise -- I was persuaded to go see "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" (M:I 4) at the cinema recently.

Did I kick myself for going against my better judgement?

Nope, I saw a pretty good Summer blockbuster during the Christmas season.

Of course every movie has its flaws, but M:I 4 overcame them with some really cool action sequences, and doses of genuinely hysterical bits of humour. I would recommend that you WATCH it at the cinema (I can only imagine how more awesome it would be to experience on IMAX).

QBF Rating: 3.5/5.0

PS: It also had the hottest crop of women in the franchise; kudos to the casting director!


  1. MI4 is such a refreshing movie with new dimensions in stunts.. be it burj kalifa scenes, sandstorm chase, satellite entry by jeremy, multilevel parking, car bombed with imf ppl inside etc etc.. outstanding work and the director managed to keep the stunts scenes pouring in at regular intervals so there is no boredom strike during the entire 2.15 hr period.. this may not be the best, but certainly a movie of this year.. im sure indian soap lovers will find this movie an average performer


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