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#SundayReviews: "The Boss Baby"

What happens when a new boss is brought into a family dynamic, when an only child becomes an older bother?

The Boss Baby explores this in a humorous way.

This movie stars the voice talents of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Miles Christopher Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, and Tobey Maguire.

From Google:

"A new baby's arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator -- a wildly imaginative 7-year-old named Tim. The most unusual Boss Baby arrives at Tim's home in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. The instant sibling rivalry must soon be put aside when Tim discovers that Boss Baby is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can help thwart a dastardly plot that involves an epic battle between puppies and babies."

This was a fun family movie, with some good jokes. Quite a few should fly over your kids' heads tho!

I wouldn't recommend it for the cinema, but it does have some heartwarming moments that the whole family will enjoy.

QBF Rating: 3.0/5


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