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#MovieReview: "Frozen"

The masses have spoken, and the new Disney classic is Frozen.

It stars the voice-acting talents of: Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, and Alan Tudyk.

A little synopsis from Google:

"When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Anna joins forces with mountaineer Kristoff and his reindeer sidekick to find Anna's sister, Snow Queen Elsa, and break her icy spell. Although their epic journey leads them to encounters with mystical trolls, a comedic snowman, harsh conditions, and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff bravely push onward in a race to save their kingdom from winter's cold grip."

This is what all the fuss was about? It felt more like a very well made episode of a series, rather than a movie.

There were some good humour from the snowman, and cool uses of Elsa's ice powers, but I just never got into this Disney Princesses movie.

PS: The parents are the worst in cinema history!


QBF Rating: 3.0/5


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