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#MovieReview: "Jason Bourne"

First you had the Bourne Identity, and then the Bourne Supremacy, and finally the Bourne Ultimatum. There was a Bourne Legacy, but no one cares to remember that.

Now we have just plain old Jason Bourne (David Webb to his, well we can't exactly call them friends).

Every time he thinks he's found out all he needs to know... someone tells him something that inevitably ends up with a body count and a dead US government official or two.

So have things changed now that Matt Damon is joined by Tommy-Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander?

Come on man, you know his name, so you should know better!

People dead in abundance!

Bourne continues to make Bond look like a chump in comparison (although it's a closer competition since the grittier Jason Craig version of James Bond).

This was an ENJOYABLE WATCH, with nothing really new in here except some interesting commentary on current events (especially in regards to digital security).

QBF Rating: 3.5/5


  1. I just saw this and it didn't disappoint. If your phone rings and you answer it... Just pray you never hear the words "This is Jason Bourne".


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