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#MovieReview: "X-Men: Apocalypse"

It's time to visit those mutants again, but this time in the 1980s, and just in time for the X-Men: Apocalypse.

Our main protagonists are back: James McAvoy (Professor X), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), and Michael Fassbender (Magneto) -- and they are joined by some new (old) X-Men.

Of course, this time they are facing off against their greatest external threat: Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse). Can they stop him from remaking the world in his own image?

More importantly, will we enjoy watching it?

Overall, this was a good movie, with perhaps the best super-villain I've seen on-screen in Apocalypse. He is smart and ruthless!

But, some one of the things/characters just slowed the movie down (*cough* Mystique *cough*), and there just weren't enough awe-inspiring moments.

It should have been better, and deserved to be, but is still RATHER ENTERTAINING TO WATCH.

QBF Rating: 4.0/5

PS: They need to stop trying to make Mystique a thing. Her character isn't central to the X-Men story, and never will be, no matter how much ret-conning they do. Pointless she is.


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