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#MovieReview: "London Has Fallen"

The sequel to Olympus Has Fallen is here, and this time London Has Fallen.

The three main actors (Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, and Morgan Freeman) are back to protect the president from terrorists and the like (along with Angela Bassett).

Now, one of my friends told me they enjoyed this film more than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so of course I had to see what's what!

What. The. Hell <name redacted>!

Spoiler: it certainly is not better than Dawn of Justice.

Once you accept that none of this movie makes any sense, you can sit back and allow the random violence and explosions to wash over you in an enjoyable fashion.

I actually preferred the original slightly more.

This movie is for a LAZY NIGHT AT HOME.

QBF Rating: 2.5/5

PS: If you squint hard enough you can see a message denouncing arms dealers (e.g. the USA) who destabilise regions to foster more arms sales... but I doubt that was the movie's intention.


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