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#MovieReview: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

The Force Awakens has brought Star Wars back from the brink!

After the debacle of the Prequels I didn't dare hope that this movie would be any good... I mean I was glad that Disney had paid George Lucas his "fuck off" money and took it over, but what if... it got worse?!

Starring: Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn), and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron).

This wasn't perfect. Yes it rehashed most of the themes from A New Hope. I don't care. This erased most of the horrible memories of Episodes 1 - 3, and for that alone it has shattered box office records worldwide.

The Force is strong with this one, and I actually like the new characters to boot!

QBF Rating: 4.0/5


  1. I have yet to see this. Need to check if it's in the cloud

  2. Get thee hence, heathen! LOL


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