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#MovieReview: "Boruto: Naruto the Movie"

Finally Naruto is all grown up, married Hinata, has a family, became the 7th Hokage, and is just the baddest MOFO around! So, of course this film is about his son Boruto, who even though he has more than his father ever had growing up, has a huge chip on his shoulder.

Boruto eventually seeks training from his father's best friend and rival: Sasuke Uchiha. Who just happens to be the father of his best friend/future girlfriend Sarada Uchiha, and husband to Sakura (of course).

The thing is, even though Boruto has all the material things he could wish for, and friends, and a family, he's still missing a close relationship with his father.

This is a movie about a father and son trying to reconcile, set against a back drop of crazy kick-ass ninja action!

QBF Rating: 4.0/5


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