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#MovieReview: "Daredevil - The Director's Cut"

After watching the awesome Daredevil series on Netflix a few months ago, I was inspired by talk about Daredevil - The Director's Cut being a much better movie than the original, as the theatrical release had important plot points removed. So I took it upon myself to locate it, and watch it, to see if I would enjoy it more than I had the original travesty.

Starring Ben Affleck (Daredevil), Jennifer Garner (Elektra), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Kingpin), Colin Farrell (Bullseye), and Jon Favreau (Foggy Nelson), this movie actually didn't flop at the box office -- in fact it paved the way for Favreau to make Iron Man five years later!


Long story short, the Netflix series is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

So so so so so much better!

Granted, the Director's Cut is a better version than the original release, but a better version of a blah and corny movie isn't saying much.


QBF Rating: 2.5/5


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