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Throwback Thursday

Before I became the road racing fanatic that I am now, it all started with one random race three days after returning from Trinidad Carnival in 2011.

I decided to do the Everyone's A Winner 5K race, which I figured would be no big deal. I overslept and reached late (the race had already started), pinned on my bib, and set out at a sprint to catch everyone up.


That sprint lasted approximately 250m. At best.

After walking for about a minute I ran some more...

Then I walked some more...

Run. Walk. Rinse. Repeat.

I think I finished in about 36 minutes -- which was supposedly good for a first-timer -- but I was unimpressed with my performance.

Pride demanded I get better!

Then I was fortunate to start training with a group of runners known as We Run Tings, and I did.

I love running now, and race as often as I can, as I get to compete against the only person worthy of competition: Myself. - QBF

PS: I've gotten 13 minutes faster in 5Ks, have done 10Ks, a Half Marathon, and an Obstacle Course Race... This year I've got at least 26 events on my to-run list, and I've done 3 so far. Wish me luck!


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