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Movie Review: "Gravity"

I couldn't sleep, and so decided to watch Gravity last night.

It stars Sandra Bullock, and George Clooney (and Ed Harris) who experience a bit too much "space" on their routine space-walk.

Would it grab my attention, or softly lull me to a sweet slumber?

Now first off, there is a definite Rose/Jack/Titanic moment which kind of annoyed me. That being said, the rest of the movie was very entertaining.

The special effects were top-notch, and the acting was cool -- I really disliked the doctor's incompetence, which is what they were going for I think.

A GOOD movie overall.

QBF Rating: 3.5/5

PS: It's so convenient to be able to fire up a movie from YouTube using only your phone & Chromecast in the middle of the night!


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